Start September Smart

Start September Smart

Start September Smart

Start September Smart!

August; the month that says,

Let’s make every day of summer count!

while at the same time saying,

Now, what is it we have to do to get the kids ready for school?

Slow and steady wins the race and this month is no exception. We’re going to embrace our 2018 theme of Consistency and give you a weekly guide to setting up everyone for success in September.

Week 1:
Get the family together for the first of four weekly meetings in August. (We’re hoping to get you hooked on a consistent habit that, when applied over time will really add to your family’s sense of Confident>Capable>Calm!)

It won’t be hard and could be the start of something wonderful!

As a family, come together this week to ask and answer the following two questions:

What worked well last year?

What didn’t?

Give everyone a chance to answer – no need to argue or correct impressions – simply get the answers on the table (or more importantly, onto paper).

That’s it for this meeting. This is the first step to starting September smart(ly) and getting the family working toward solutions as a team rather than nagging, complaining and landing right back where we were last year that didn’t feel so great.

Get a copy of our Family Meetings Ebook for tools to help you set up successful Family Meetings!


And if you have a hard time saying “No” to your kids, you might want to listen to our podcast this week!

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